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Proactive Presence- Field Strategies for Civilian Protection
Folke Bernadotte Academy campus, Sando | Course | Folke Bernadotte Academy
MSc Security Sector Management
Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, UK | Seminar | Cranfield Defence and Security, Cranfield University
DCAF-UNITAR e-learning course on Security Sector Reform
Prof. Eboe Hutchful
(African Security Sector Network - ASSN)
Tom Hamilton-Baillie
(Cranfield University)
Maarten Merkelbach
(Geneva Centre for Security Policy - GCSP)
Dr. Nelson Belo
(Fundasaun Mahein - FS)
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Gender Responsive SSR
Use of Simulation in SSR Training and Education
Planning and Preparing SSR Courses
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No 3 / 2013
ASSET Newsletter
No 2 / 2013
ASSET Newsletter
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ASSET Newsletter
ASSET Secretariat 2013
ASSET Newsletter
ASSET Secretariat 2013
Transit of Strategic Goods in Europe
Kathleen Van Heuverswyn, in collaboration with Nils Duquet 2013
A European Agenda for Security
Jocelyn Mawdsley 2013
The European Union's Involvement in Negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty
Sara Depauw 2012
Asset Discussion
Intelligence Reform in Indonesia
Muhamad Haripin | Center for Political Studies (P2P-LIPI) | April 2014
The Failure of Counter-Terrorism Efforts in Africa
Hussein Solomon | | April 2014
Security Sector Reform in Kenya
George Kabongah | | January 2014
Building an airy city out of ruins
Magnus Jacobson Silverryd | Swedish National Defence College (SNDC) | December 2013
SSR, elections and the need of bottom-up elements within top-down measures
Maximilian Lakitsch | Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) | December 2013
ASSET Interview
Dr. Mark Downes | International Security Sector Advisory Team (DCAF-ISSAT) | December 2013
Peace-building and State-building
Tom Hamilton-Baillie | | October 2013
Celebrating Kenya at 50: A Synopsis of Critical Milestones and Challenges in Security Sector Reform
Johnstone Kibor | Security Research and Information Centre (SRIC) | October 2013
Meeting the SSR Training Needs of the United Nations
Glaucia Boyer | | August 2012
Why is SSR training important for peacekeepers?
Eboe Hutchful | African Security Sector Network (ASSN) | August 2012
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DCAF-UNITAR e-learning course on Security Sector Reform

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